3D INTERACTIVE  Videos, showcase your property engaging the viewer to interact with the 3D Video, for a True Virtual Reality Tour.
An Optional Remastered 2D  MP4 MOVIE (of the 3D Video) is available to upload to Social Media Sites.

Rick A Chez uses a revolutionary state of the art technology, (MATTERPORT CAMERA), to create a Forensic Digital Twin to virtually showcase properties.                      

Similar to Google Street View.

Fully immersive 3D experience “walkabout” with 360 degrees rotations. This technology enables the viewer to choose whichever direction they want to travel and view. “It’s as if the viewer is standing where the camera is, and is able to turn and walk in any direction”. The effects are more engaging, resulting in longer view times than traditional Slide Shows.

We are Bonded and Insured.

Love life, it loves you.

“Rick A Chez”
My name Rick is obvious, Chez is French for “Home”